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Toddler Room

Our Services

Our Toddler Rooms cater for children from 2 years of age, with subsidy from the National Childcare Scheme available.

Our team will work with you to ensure your little one settles into our service well and at their own pace!

Following a play based curriculum and filled with a variety of toys, both of our toddler rooms allow each child to explore their surroundings and learn independence through a range of activities, both adult and child led.

Each toddler will learn through a variety of activities such as sensory play, arts and crafts, music, and songs to encourage fundamental skills such as language, emotional and social skills.

Elements of the Montessori method are also incorporated into the toddler routine, through table top play such as jigsaws, in which each child can develop their cognitive and motor skills.

Junior & Senior
Montessori Rooms


Our Junior Montessori Rooms cater for children from 3-4 Years, while our Senior Montessori Rooms cater for children from 4 Years+. Children attending both rooms will be eligible for the ECCE Scheme.

The philosophy of  Maria Montessori is incorporated in both rooms. Through beautiful Montessori equipment, 5 main areas of learning are focused on; Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Culture. Each of these areas allow the child to experience self direction, freedom of choice and hands-on learning. 


"Play is the work of the child.."

-Maria Montessori 

Our Play Based Curriculum is also is an integral part of our everyday routine in both our Junior and Senior Montessori Rooms. Child led free play and activities set up by staff based on emergent interests are incorporated into daily routines at Simbas to encourage creativity and to develop a sense of mastery. 

Additional elements of both routines include circle time, outdoor play, art and crafts, reading, writing and more!

Our overall aim of the Montessori Rooms is to prepare each child for life, ensuring their transition to "Big School" is as smooth and seamless as possible!

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