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A home
from home

for your
little one!

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Phone: 01 284 5398


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We offer part time and sessional care for children aged 2 years plus, across 2 locations!

Opening Hours: 


Stradbrook Park:


Toddler Room - 9.30a.m - 12.30p.m


Junior Montessori - 9.25a.m - 12.55p.m

Senior Montessori- 9.20a.m - 12.50p.m

Blackrock Village:

Optional Early Start @ 8:45a.m (All Groups)

Toddler Room- 9.20a.m-1.05p.m

Junior Montessori- 9:25a.m-1.10p.m

Senior Montessori- 9.20a.m - 1.05p.m



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